Why E-Learning?

For the Fire Department

As the demand for training accelerates, Municipalities and their Fire Services face unprecedented challenges in managing existing budgets and training resources. By making approved online courses more widely available in a manner that reduces the cost of training (travel, accommodation, shift fill-ins, overtime, etc.) the CERPS e-learning solution provides a new and important extension of the Ontario Fire College mandate for training and enhanced workplace safety for fire service professionals.

For the Student

E-Learning at CERPS is self-paced and self-directed in a way that allows students to move through course material as slowly or as quickly as they need to, and even rewind where necessary.  Our courses are all delivered through your internet browser and don’t require any special software to be installed. Use devices such as your home computer and even your smartphone to access your courses, anywhere, anytime.  Set your own schedule – CERPS courses are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – your virtual classroom is always open.

As the Ontario Fire Service has adopted NFPA Professional Qualification Standards, CERPS provides a unique opportunity for students to complete the OFFC training needed to close gaps in the grandfathering of their qualifications.