The Centre for Emergency Response and Public Safety (CERPS) was founded in September of 2012 to support the e-learning goals of the Ontario Fire College.

Our Mission Statement

CERPS is a centre for high quality on-line education with the specific mandate to serve the unique needs of Emergency Responders in the Province of Ontario. As a trusted partner of the Ontario Fire Service, we join a select group of registered training centres mandated to extend the reach, frequency and effectiveness of training and skill development for Firefighters.

Our goal is to leverage the bestĀ of emerging technology and new insights into the potential for e-Learning to deliver valuable and compelling training experiences for municipal fire services regardless of their size or distance from the existing base of training resources.

By enabling Fire Service leaders and their Training Officers to access the most up-to-date and relevant courses and guidelines, CERPS actively supports the mandates given to Office of the Fire Marshal.