(Frequently Asked Questions)

Question 1. How much work does the student have to do?

Answer: Depending on the course and the week in the course, between 1 and 5 hours. The student can manage his or her time as long as the work is done by the Sunday evening of that week. Activities are asynchronous, meaning the student can complete them on their own time, at a time that is convenient for them. Total course hours are dictated by the curriculum requirements for credit to the Company, Fire Prevention or Training Officer program.

Question 2. How do I download the Pre-Course work?

Answer: There is no “pre-course work” to download as you may be used to seeing when taking Ontario Fire College courses – all course work is done during the time you are in the course.

Question 3. Who runs the course? Do we need to find an Associate Instructor?

Answer: The Ontario Fire College or Regional Training Center provides the approved Adjunct Instructors for the courses it runs, you do not need to supply one.

Question 4 Do I get an Ontario Fire College certificate when I complete a CERPS course successfully?

Answer: Yes, after a course closes the student roster is transmitted to the Ontario Fire College where successful course completions are added to the student’s academic history, and an Ontario Fire College certificate is issued via the normal process.

Question 5. I am not a member of a Fire Department but want to take a CERPS course. Can I?

Answer: CERPS courses are only available to firefighters who have been approved by an Authority Having Jurisdiction (AHJ), usually the Municipal Fire Chief. CERPS Training Inc. is not a private college and does not offer Ontario Fire College Courses to the public.

Question 6. I am a member of a Fire Department, take a course on my own without asking my Fire Chief?

Answer: No. You need approval of your Fire Chief or AHJ to take a CERPS course.

Question 7. I am a Fire Chief and I would like to enroll many of my firefighters/officers into a course, or I want a course with only my firefighters/officers in it, or I need a specific course date or completion date. Can you help me?

Answer: Yes we can! Simply contact the Ontario Fire College Registrar  and they will assist you in making the formal arrangements needed to meet your departments’s requirements.

Question 8. I need to make a payment, where do I sent it and who do I make the cheque out to?

Answer: Course invoices and payments are completed through the Ontario Fire College.

Question 9. What is the last day that I can enroll for a course?

Answer: We may be able to accept last minute course registrations for a specific course and date, please contact the OFC Registrar by phone or email for details and confirmation.

Question 9. How do I contact CERPS by postal mail?


Our Mailing Address is:
CERPS Training Inc.
18 Queen Street South
PO Box 989
Tottenham, ON
L0G 1W0